All About Arita Ware

We provide you with information about Japanese pottery, porcelain, in particular Arita ware, the most widely recognised of Japanese porcelain.

About Arita Ware

Here you can find the history of how Arita ware has evolved over the centuries, together with details of the characteristics that have made Arita ware so well-loved around the world.


Arita ware has been at the forefront of the ceramics industry for over 400 years. While it is well known as representative of traditional Japanese ceramics, it has also evolved with the times and maintains a contemporary appeal. Here you can find a list of potteries currently operating in and around Arita.

Ceramics (Pottery and Porcelain)

Pottery and Porcelain have long played an important part in our daily lives. This page gives you some key information about them, such as the differences between pottery and porcelain, their primary characteristics and so on.


This section focuses on the numerous technical terms that are used in relation to pottery and porcelain, with particular attention paid to Arita ware.